Future Self Journal

Future Self Journal


BECOME YOUR FUTURE SELF. Align your thoughts, beliefs and actions, every day and learn how to embody your future self in the present moment.  The Future Self Journal is a daily prompted journal, which will help to shift your mindset, feel more gratitude, create new beliefs + develop better habits. Be one of the thousands who use journaling and actionable intention setting to manifest, create and grow into the best version of themselves. 

What’s in it?
· Introduction with science-backed information about how and why the journal works.

· Daily morning and evening prompts with researched techniques for self-development.

· Optional nightly exercises. 

· Weekly Insight prompts for deeper reflection.

· Mindful Freeflow with blank lined pages. 

· Six monthly Self-Care Check-In pages to track your growth & emotional well being every month.

· Six monthly Habit Trackers to log up to ten habits each month.

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So Helpful

This journal has helped me so much. It has helped me reframe negative beliefs about myself, and to really embody the person I want to become for my future. I am much more intentional with my day - instead of coasting on auto-pilot, I am mindful, thoughtful and quite intentional. It has helped me start the process in creating who I really wish to become. If you do it daily, IT WORKS!

Xinia G.
United States United States
Great tool!

As a Realtor, it has helped me setting my goals and getting focused in ways to achieve them. I have really enjoyed using it and highly reccommend its use.

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Has helped me so much

This little journal packs a powerful punch. It gives you so much background on the science behind why it works, the daily prompts change enough that it's not repetitive, and the actionable items help me stay on line with what my goals are. It also helps me stay accountable, and I loooove the habit tracker. I am building my future self everyday and this journal has helped me stay focused so much!

Jinita T.
United States United States
A true awakening

FSJ has been a true blessing, from the diverse set of prompts to the habit tracker to motivational quotes and so much more, this journal helps you offer gratitude, dig deep, think, feel and most importantly, grow into the best version of yourself! Thank you to the founders for this genius creation!

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Perfect Journal

This is the perfect journal! There is nothing else like it out there. I’ve been looking for a future self journal for a long time and I’m so thankful for it.