Future Self Journal

Practicing Mind Body Connection: Body Scan Meditation

This month we’re diving into the realm of the mind-body connection and introducing you to a powerful tool for releasing, relaxation and restoration – the Body Scan Meditation

Life is like a dance floor where your mind and body groove together. It's a symphony of feelings and thoughts that create the beautiful music of well-being. So, let's shimmy our way into understanding how nurturing this connection can lead to a life that's harmonious, vibrant, and oh-so-joyful. Say Hello to the Body Scan Meditation: allowing you to access trapped emotions, feelings and thoughts that are stuck in the body and learn to RELEASE them so they are no longer causing an effect. 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to check in with ourselves. The Body Scan Meditation guides you on a soothing journey through your body. It's like giving your body a gentle, internal hug, releasing all that unnecessary tension and leaving you feeling as fresh and renewed. 

Ready to Unwind? Let’s do this together. 

Step 1: Find a Comfortable Space

Choose a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. You can sit or lie down, whichever feels most relaxing for you.

Step 2: Get Comfortable

If you're lying down, place your arms at your sides with your palms facing up. If you're sitting, rest your hands on your lap. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so.

Step 3: Focus on Your Breath

Take a few deep breaths to relax. As you breathe in and out, bring your attention to your breath. Feel the rise and fall of your chest or the sensation of your breath entering and leaving your nostrils.

Step 4: Start at Your Toes

Direct your focus to your toes. Feel any sensations, warmth, coolness, or tingling in that area. Imagine your breath flowing to your toes, bringing relaxation with each inhale and releasing tension with each exhale.

Step 5: Gradually Move Up

Slowly move your attention up your body, part by part. Progress from your toes to your feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, and so on. Notice any sensations or areas of tension as you go.

Step 6: Observe Without Judgment

When you come across areas of tension or discomfort, simply observe them without judgment. Don't try to change anything; just acknowledge what you're feeling.

Step 7: Breathe and Release

As you focus on each body part, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Imagine tension and stress melting away with each exhale.

Step 8: Reach the Top of Your Head

Continue this process until you've scanned your entire body, reaching the top of your head. By now, you should feel a sense of relaxation and heightened awareness of your body.

Step 9: Take a Moment to Reflect

After completing the scan, take a moment to reflect on how your body feels. Notice any changes in sensations or areas of tension that might have eased.

Step 10: Gradually Bring Your Awareness Back

Gently bring your awareness back to your breath. Take a few deep breaths before slowly opening your eyes if they were closed.

Congratulations! You've just completed a Body Scan Meditation. Keep in mind, to see lasting effects, this should be done often. Wellness is a lifestyle that infuses each moment with a zest for life. As we sail through the mind-body connection and explore the wonders of the Body Scan Meditation, think about how you can bring these practices into your daily routine regularly.