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How Journaling Helps with Anxiety

Anxiety can be a debilitating experience and it can have a huge impact on our daily lives. Journaling is one of the most effective ways to deal with anxiety, as it allows us to express our thoughts and feelings in a safe space. It is also a great way to track our progress, so that we can see how far we have come in dealing with our anxieties. Journaling for anxiety involves writing down your thoughts and feelings about whatever is causing you stress or worry. It gives us an opportunity to process our emotions and reflect on what we are going through. It also helps us identify patterns in our behavior that may be contributing to our anxiety, so that we can take steps to address them. By journaling regularly, we can better understand ourselves and develop healthier coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety. 

Writing is a powerful tool to help us cope with anxiety and depression. It can provide us with a safe space to express our thoughts and feelings without judgement. Journaling can be a great way of dealing with the emotions that come with anxiety, as it helps us to process our thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.

Journaling for anxiety can be done in many different ways, such as using prompts or writing freely without any structure. By taking the time to write down our thoughts, we can gain clarity on our emotions and better understand ourselves. Writing also gives us an outlet for our worries and fears, allowing us to let go of them instead of holding onto them inside. 

Some journal prompts to help with anxiety: 

How do I currently feel right now? 

How would I like to feel? 

What are things that bring me joy? 

Is what I feel right now real or imagined? 

Right now, I can be grateful for ... 

I've been through this before and I know I've come out okay. When are other times i felt this way and came out on the other side? What can I learn from that and what tools can I use right now? 

The best way to get out of anxiety, is to breathe, take a moment to feel into your body, notice where there is tension and slowly start to visual the tension getting smaller. Remember that this will pass, it is only termporary and you have recovered from this before, so you know you can do it again.