Future Self Journal

Creating A Life You Love

Creating a life you love has little do with achieving massive success or reaching big goals - it's about creating a vision for your life and ensuring that your daily thoughts, habits and actions are in alignment with that vision. There are many ways to do this, but we've outlined a few key points to get you started below. From training your brain to think and believe new thoughts (neuroplasticity), to implementing new habits and becoming more self aware - one thing is clear. It all begins with YOU

A few key ways to begin the process of building a life you love:

1.) Take full responsibility for your life. Taking full ownership of how you think, feel and act and what you allow in your mind and body as well as who you allow around you. Though not always easy, this is key to living a life based on your terms. 

2.) Become aware of the narratives and programing that are running your life. Notice where you spend most of your time both in your mind and through your daily habits - and get honest on whether or not it is in alignment with the life you dream of creating. 

3.) Get extremely clear on your values. Knowing what your core values are gives you a road map of where to focus your time and energy. Gauge how you're currently spending your time and if the actions you're taking are in sync with what you truly value. 

4.) Cultivate a growth mindset - get comfortable with being a learner. In order to create your dream life, you will have to acquire new skills, changes old ways of thinking and develop new habits. Truly practicing a growth mindset is essential to ramp up your life in ways you may never have thought possible.